Let's Flamingle | Penelope's 1st Birthday

Recently we celebrated Penelope’s 1st Birthday. How time has flown and it feels like only yesterday that I was screeching at my husband from the bathroom that either my water had just broken or I'd wet myself; thankfully it turned out to be the former. Good times.

Anyway we had held a big shindig for her christening last year so wanted to keep this one nice and small, but with quite a large extended family it escalated quickly to 30 adults and 10 kids running around in our not so big house and not so big courtyard.

While scrolling through Pinterest I found the cutest little flamingo cake topper by Sunshine Parties and there started the theme. Although I did restrain myself to only decorating the sweets table and setting and not the whole house!

The cake was a vanilla sponge with home-made passion fruit curd and buttercream frosting.

The chocolate shards were white chocolate buttons with powder colouring. When colouring chocolate make sure you use powdered colour, not the liquid dye as it will cause the chocolate to seize and go crumbly. I used soft pink, bright pink and peach from Cake Decorating Solutions.

I tried my hand at constructing the balloon garland, which if I say so myself, doesn’t look too shabby. Tip - to save time, blow up the balloons the day before (get hubby to do that) and construct it the night before but make sure the balloons are thoroughly supported. I made the mistake of letting the large 90cm balloons weigh down the garland and had to fix it all up the next morning. I purchased the balloons from Me + My Tribe, you can even get them to make the balloon garland for you if you fancy.

Penelope had a great day, giggling (not that you'd know it from the photos) and being cheeky as usual. She was obviously oblivious to all of the effort that went into the party and she'll never remember it but that's hardly the point! She did at least enjoy the balloons and I got to have my moment opening all of her presents because you know, she was taking forever! By the end of it everyone was exhausted but it was worth it and that’s mum done for at least another year *phew*

Tanya x

Ps. Please note I have no affiliation with the suppliers listed, just letting you know what I used.

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