Is it worth it? The cost of hiring an interior designer

With the ever-increasing explosion of interior design shows such as The Block, Better Homes and Gardens and (dear God) Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover invading our tv screens every day the concept of ‘interior design’ has never been more at the forefront of our minds. After all who doesn’t dream of putting a photograph of their new living room up on Instagram and having their mobile pinging away all night as awestruck insta-friends like and comment on how amazingly you have styled your room and what a great eye you have?

Well not everyone knows how to tap into that great inner eye. We might know what we like and we certainly know what looks good but it doesn’t mean that we can produce that look ourselves. My husband (bless him) might well know what a perfectly manicured garden looks like but the last time he was let loose on our hedge with a pair of gardening shears he left it resembling Bart Simpson on a bad hair day.

One option is to consider hiring an interior designer. Maybe you did consider it and thought it would be too expensive, maybe you weren’t sure what value they could add or maybe you just didn’t know where to start looking. Below I look at some of the factors to think about before contacting an interior designer:

See the wood for the trees

At the outset you may have a few vague ideas about the look you are seeking but after spending an evening watching House Rules or scrolling through Pinterest for a few hours it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the options out there. A good interior designer can take your vague ideas and every item you shortlisted on Pinterest and weave it together it into a reality.

Design Is A Relationship

When you decide to change your haircut you don’t just stroll into the hairdressers one day and ask them to make it better. Firstly you look at magazines, do some online research and then you ask your hairdresser whether they think your suggestions will work and finally you listen to what your hairdresser tells you because you trust your hairdresser and after all you have to live with that haircut for a few months. Well it is the same with your interior designer. You need to feel comfortable that they understand you and the look you are going for so that you are working as a team as after all you will be living with the final result for years to come. So your interior designer should spend time with you to really understand your motivation for the renovations, is it a wholesale change or will just a few magical tweaks here and there be all you need to go from “meh” to “wow!” If you aren’t comfortable with your interior designer from the outset then don’t be afraid to admit it and move on.

The Trained Eye

Ah yes the infamous “great eye”. You may have it, however a good interior designer will definitely have it. They can walk into a room and get an immediate feel for what would work aesthetically as just because a piece of furniture fits into the space doesn’t necessarily mean that it “fits” with the space and piece of furniture may be beautiful but that doesn’t mean it is right for your room. Before engaging an interior designer make sure you check out some of their earlier work to get a feel for their eye and if you think it will work for you.

Maximising Your Space

It doesn’t matter if your place is big or small, your interior designer should make the most out of your space. We observe and delve into the use of your home so that we can best maximise and utilise the space to suit your lifestyle. A good floor plan can improve the traffic flow between the rooms, make the most of your space, of your light, and of your airflow, and generally make life in your home that little bit more comfortable than it was.

Also remember that interior designers have access to trade only furniture and more importantly trade only discounts on a range of pieces that could help you afford the piece you really want.

Is This Just Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous?

Ever since 'Cribs' hit MTV and showcased the houses of the wealthy there is a perception that you have to be rich to be able to afford to hire interior designers but that is not at all the case. A good interior designer can work with any budget and knows where to find bargains and can add those little touches to the room that make it go from a '7' to a '10' at minimal cost. Remember the last time you walked into a wedding reception and you were blown away by how beautiful everything looked, was it the thousands of dollars spent on flowers or that special chair for the bride to sit in? Probably not. More likely it was those little under stated touches that you didn’t notice at first but every time you spotted one it made you smile. This is the feeling a good interior designer can give you every time you walk into your home and it is nowhere near as expensive as you think especially with our E-Decorating online only platform.

If you have any questions about my services or want to have a chat about how I could potentially help you with your home, contact me for an obligation free conversation.

Or check out my services here.

Tanya x

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