Is Fifty Shade's Of Grey Dead?

No this isn’t a post about my sex life, sorry to disappoint but it’s not that kind of blog!

Lately I have been hearing a lot of design talk about grey going out of fashion. Colour and patterns now dominate the latest trends.

However, does that mean that grey is now a big no-no?

As well as colours it seems that beige is back with a vengeance albeit re-branded (yes you can even re-brand a colour these days even beige which has been re-branded more than Batman) as ecru, off-white and linen. Please, however don’t be tempted by the yellow tones of Magnolia. This may be okay for cooler continents like Europe where snow and frost can sit on the ground for half the year, hence they need the warmer tones to feel nice and cosy, (Father Christmas’s place is probably dominated by Magnolia). However here in Australia, no matter how cold it is…it’s never really that cold, unless maybe you’re reading this in Thredbo.

Don’t get me wrong, I love snuggling up on the couch and sipping mulled wine as much as the next woman, but the three weeks of real cold that we might get in Sydney is not anywhere near enough for me to start breaking out the cream paint in my house.

My dislike of cream may come from growing up in a house where my parents had a cream coloured ‘formal’ room (the ‘museum room as my brother and I now call it) which had a dining and lounge area and has been used approximately six times in the last twenty years! The formal room is still there in the house and was recently re-decorated with the carpet going from peach to cream!! Needless to say, I was not consulted on the colouring. Maybe this is why I have such an in-built resistance to using cream and much prefer a cooler tone like grey.

Grey can be quite the controversial colour; some people say it makes them feel depressed and therefore they have a natural aversion to it and instead drawn to bright colours that give them a feeling of warmth and security. I’m certainly not against this and I would always look to add colour to any room, if you had your whole room decorated in grey it could definitely be left looking a bit dungeony!

Nevertheless grey has been quite the hit over the past few years as designers and decorators have woken up to its potential using both cooler and warmer tones in varying textures. There was even a great book written about the colour called “Shades of Grey” (no not that one). Kate Watson-Smyth’s excellent book purely about the colour grey and how to use it in interiors is worth a look if you are looking for ideas on utilising the colour in your home. You can get that here.

So I think reports of grey’s death have been greatly exaggerated. You may not want grey flooring, grey couch, grey accessories, grey walls and grey everything else and I would never suggest that. What I would look to do is to use it in smaller amounts in different textures of knits, velvet, linens to enhance depth. Used as a neutral base it creates a calming hue for any room and I for one will not be abandoning it any time soon.

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