Fake Tan V's Bed Sheets

I’ve answered a lot of questions around interior design, from questions that are quite literally ‘black or white’ right through to the much more abstract, but a recent one had me a little stumped at first when it was whispered to me by a friend one evening after a few wines. That is how do I deal with the perils of fake tan on the bed sheets?

Anyone who has ever fake tanned knows the challenges you face. The prepping and exfoliating of your skin, rubbing it in a circular motion so there are no streaks and then standing naked for 10 minutes drying yourself with the blow-dryer. Even after all that you wake up the next morning and it still looks like someone melted down an Oompa Loompa onto your bed sheets.

Well I love it when my clients come to me with a challenge. Ever since I was little, my school report cards always stated I was a good problem solver, although my parents just described me as ‘a problem’. Does a love for fake tan mean that you are forever condemned never to be able to buy nice white sheets that go with almost any colour scheme in the bedroom?

Of course, it doesn’t. Here are a few suggestions that may or may not work for you in order to keep those bed sheets crisp and clean:

Chose the right colour bed sheets

Purchase navy or charcoal bed sheets. Ok, ok, I know I just said that you don’t have to abandon white sheets forever but if you were happy to do that then this is an option. This way you won’t see the fake tan after you have slept in them, although depending upon the product that you use it may still smell like you spilled a Pina Colada in your bed…...and then got caught in the rain.

Baby powder puff

A nifty trick is to cover yourself in baby powder before you go to bed. According to expert tanning technician Anna Stankiewicz the powder won't mess up your tan, but it will absorb any odours, oils and sweat and prevent that post-spray stickiness - and any annoying stains. I haven’t tried this and take no responsibility if you just end up with orange powder on your sheets!

After tan sleeping bag

After Tan Co has produced linen specific for fake-tanners. Basically, it’s like sleeping in a one sheet layer sleeping bag that is lined with press studs on either side so you can get in and out when required. As it easily rolls up, it’s great for travelling too. Find it here.

Re-purpose an old quilt cover

However, if you still want the white sheets and are looking to protect those sheets on the cheap then here is what I do. I found myself an old quilt cover and get into that as if it where a sleeping bag and hey presto the sheets don’t look like I had the girls of Geordie Shore around for a slumber party. Even better was that my now husband had such hideous taste when I moved in with him that I was able to take a couple of his quilt covers and use them, (it was either this or burn them – seriously), so I didn’t have to go out and spend any money! Win-win!!

Let me know if you have tried any other way to getting those pesky stains out of your bed sheets. Or you have any other “too embarrassed to ask” questions (you can personally message me, I promise not to tell – or at least I won’t name and shame should I ever blog about it).

Tanya x

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