Artwork in bathrooms…what is the point?

The bathroom can be a functional and uninspiring room in many homes and you can easily see why that would be the case; after all it is a utility room which you go into with a purpose, it isn’t generally a room for spending time relaxing. Although I do remember in the dim and distant past (i.e. pre-baby) that I’d have the odd long bath with a glass of wine… good times.

Nevertheless, most people will predominantly treat the bathroom as a room to get in and out of as quickly as possible. When you have visitors at your place, they will be in your living room or garden for the most part so you concentrate your efforts on those areas, and certainly when you buy artwork you will focus on the living room, but is this a mistake?

My husband is from Liverpool, England and when we last visited, we made a point of heading to a famous pub there called The Philharmonic. As well as being a great pub it is famous for its toilets! And rightly so as they are stunning. Now think about when you have really remarked on someone’s bathroom or pub/restaurant bathroom as really standing out. Is it once in your life, maybe twice?

Moody Bathroom by Classico Bagno di Servizio

So why not make your bathroom really stand out? But how do you make a bathroom stand out? It is going to take a bit more than it just being new and having the latest shower head.

How about adding in some artwork?

Sounds crazy but why are you spending ages choosing artwork for every other room and neglecting the one room that you know you will have to visit every single day for at least a few minutes and often much longer. If you ask my husband, he will tell you that there are times when I spent far too many hours there, to which I reply that perfection takes time!

That was pre-baby though, nowadays the bathroom is the only room where I can hide from my child get some peace and quiet! I actually look forward to brushing my teeth as a time when I can get some thinking done (times have changed). How much better would it be if I could lose myself in some artwork or some photographs that serve and enhance the space, providing the unexpected surprise that your guests will never tire of remarking on.

A gallery wall above the toilet or special vintage keepsake above the vanity can create a luscious warm and meditative space. The right artwork can make your bathroom an oasis of calm.

There are however a few things to consider before investing in your bathroom artwork.

The type of artwork

Firstly, if your bathroom isn’t well ventilated then I wouldn’t be selecting my million-dollar Picasso to display as the biggest issue you'll face displaying art in your bathroom is humidity. Moisture, especially if it gets trapped under the glass, can seriously stain artwork. If you’re at all worried about damage, stick to inexpensive pieces, particularly works on canvas or ones without glass or glazing.

The choice of artwork

The choice of artwork really sets the scene for your room. If you want to create a calm atmosphere, choose a serene ocean painting or floral arrangement with calming blues and greens, if you want a creative feel then include line artwork, if you want some pizazz and wow then why not choose some abstract shapes in contrasting colours.

Serene bathroom, designer unknown

Scultptures and 3D artwork

Or how about choosing a decoration that doesn't need to be framed. Sculptures and 3D artworks will not only take away the moisture damage risks, but also add an interesting visualisation to the room.

Make a small space bigger

If you’d like to make a small space look bigger, try adding in lighter coloured artworks on the door or near the shower to open up these tight corners.

So, when re-decorating your bathroom, just remember that you will be in there every day and it is a place most of your guests will see. As much as anywhere else in your home it is a place to express yourself and create an impression that will last long in the memory of all who see it. After all it’s been years and I am still talking about the toilets at a pub I visited on the other side of the world!

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