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Updated: Oct 30, 2018

So who am I and why did I decide to set up Tanya Lanycia Design? The basics are that I am 32 years old and live in a two-bedroom townhouse in Sydney’s inner-west. It’s not a massive place by any stretch but I love it; it’s ours and I never want to move.

I have an amazing and wonderfully supportive husband called Stuart. We’ve been married for three years now having met a lifetime (seven years) ago at our place of work and had a suitably clichéd office romance that ended up with us walking down the aisle. We were always the couple that was the last to leave any event; the couple that went for “just one drink” and stayed all night. Our weekends would usually involve a bit of exercise (to work off any previous excesses) and then lazy brunches, friends, family and Netflix.

Back when we were cool... or so we thought. (Pic by the wonderful April Mac Photography)

It all changed with the arrival of our beautiful and already strong-willed daughter Penelope. As any parent will tell you this is a huge life altering, sleep shattering event that when you finally get a moment to lift your head out of the nappies and baby wipes really makes you take stock of your life, look at where you want to be and of course how you want your child(ren) to see you.

Which leads me in a meandering kind of way to why I set up Tanya Lanycia Design. Ever since I used to spend hours as a child decorating my dollhouses, interior design has been a passion of mine (cliche again, I know). Although at times I did entertain ideas of being a ballerina, an air hostess, a teacher and a champagne/cheese taster (I still harbour that dream), interior design was always there in the background teasing me, but I just had no idea how to make a career out of it.

Of all of the possible times and places to have my inspirational moment I chose the unlikely scenario of sailing around Croatia as a newlywed on our honeymoon. To be specific it was at a fancy restaurant, sat opposite my new husband that I had a kind of breakdown. I was working as a Property Asset Manager in Sydney which I enjoyed and was damn good at but I didn’t love it and suddenly I started to picture my life laid out in front of me and it didn’t feel right.

At 30 years old I was already having a mid-life crisis! (spot the Gen-Y anyone). Thankfully my new husband was not a man who let a little thing like his brand new wife blubbering “is this my life now” on their honeymoon phase him one little bit (one of the many reasons I married him).

We talked it through and that night at a bar in Croatia I enrolled myself into the interior design course at Sydney’s Coco Republic Design School. I went on to be nominated for the Emerging Interior Designer of the Year award and also placed fifth in Australia in the nationwide ‘Vogue Living X Coco Republic’ award and it is safe to say that spark was well and truly lit.

Obviously acted like a 12-year old squealing school girl when I met Neale Whitaker..... and had no idea I was pregnant with Penelope!

After a successful career in the property investment industry I was all ready to start my dream career in interior design when just at that moment life through me another curve ball and I found out I was pregnant. However, the time away from the office only served to add fuel to the fire inside me; it was time for a big change and there was no better moment to make it.

Towards the end of my maternity leave as I completed a colouring masterclass with Coco Republic, the final decision was made to start up my own design business. The hobby that I had enjoyed when aiding friends and family over the years with their interiors was now my career and it was the best decision I ever made.

There is a saying that if you do something you love then you never have to do a day’s work in your life and it is true in that since making the switch I have never worked harder both at home and at work and I have never been happier!

To help share this journey with you I will be writing fortnightly blogs on various topics around interior design, whilst also touching upon the challenges of living in the inner city with a small family whilst I try to manage and grow a small business.

My mission statement is to create interiors that delight, inspire and are adored and I look forward to putting this into practice with you.

Tanya x

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