6 Ways to save your Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

Okay confession time. I love Christmas. I buy a Christmas decoration from every overseas city that I visit and I once took my toy poodle to meet Santa and have a photo to prove it. I also love decorating the living room, in fact my husband came home the other day to find that I had started and finished the decorations without him. “Shouldn’t we be doing this as a family” he asked looking a little hurt even though he normally hates this sort of thing. I looked at him trying to conjure up a nice way of saying “well you’d only mess it up”, when thankfully the baby started crying and the subject got dropped.

However one problem many people have, is that it is all well and good creating a winter wonderland in your home but quite another to keep it that way when you have pets or children anxious to tear down all that you have worked on. Certainly nothing ruins a Family Christmas photo more than being able to see Rocky in the background, cocking his leg on your tree.

So to help with your Christmas cheer here are a few ways to help keep that Christmas tree upright and unmolested by neither child nor beast.

- Heavy present boxes spread around the tree. This is what I have done, filling the boxes with books and magazines and wrapping them up like presents. If you have older children, then it does have the potential to disappoint them if you don’t tell them that they aren’t real presents!

- Only put unbreakable ornaments on the tree....obviously.

- Make a cute little white picket fence as a barrier. All very sweet but will it really stop your little darlings…..

- Place the tree within a playpen. This wouldn’t actually be my choice and the kids may wonder why there is a tree now in their play area.

- Only decorate the top half. The neighbours might think you’re a bit odd and to be honest they might be right. This does look a bit weird.

- Teach them not to touch it. Just sounds so simple doesn’t it; we did actually manage to teach our dog not to go near the tree but we aren’t having any luck with our 16 month old, but you might have better kids than me!

Hopefully these will give you some ideas on how not to have a Christmas decorating disaster but please share with me any other ideas, or indeed any disasters you’ve had and let’s all learn from those mishaps.

Merry Christmas!

Tanya x

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