5 Quick Ways To Cosy Up Your Home In Winter

I heard once that Nordic people change their décor whenever the season changes. I love this idea and loosely follow it myself, however this year, with looming deadlines and two sick kids, (technically one child and one husband, but you know…..), I totally missed the memo that winter had arrived until one night I went to take the rubbish out whilst in my PJs and nearly froze on the spot!

Layers, layers and more layers. Add warmth and depth with lots of layers and textures. Image source unknown

Fleeing back into the warm house I quickly took my big winter coat out of storage (under the bed) and then got to work getting our home’s interior winter coat out. Whilst giving our home a more cosy, wintery feel I got to thinking about the best ways to add some warmth to any home:

Textured cushions

The quickest and most inexpensive way is to change up your cushion covers on your lounge and bed. Save costs and storage by keeping the inserts the same – by the way I only recommend feather down to create a plumper look. Switch your cushion covers to different textured materials – think sheepskin, fur, velvet, and knits.

Opulent purples and textures by Matthew Williamson

Layered blankets & throws

Following on from the textured cushions it’s time to bring out the woolly and faux fur blankets and throws, it’s all about layering. This too creates an instant ‘aspen chateau’ ski lodge feel. I can just here the log fire crackling in my ears!

Winter fauna

Seek inspiration from outside. Add some branches with or without berries. Why not try cotton branches which are very on trend at the moment and magnolia branches look good all year round. Adding a few branches, in lieu of flowers, is not only easy on the pocket but adds depth and height when arranged properly.

Deep tones Add warmth with rich colour tones like lilac, plum and cherry. These colour all have a purple undertone which exudes depth and richness creating an inviting and cosy feeling. Mix it up with some on trend mustard too.

Light the way When talking interiors, don’t forget that the right smell can make you feel like you’re in the Swiss Alps at a fraction of the cost. Although they are good all year round, during the colder months I especially love a good soy candle with winter scents like mulled wine, spice rum or wood & spice. Why not try Sydney local Maison Blanche for some great options.

If all of that doesn’t get you feeling nice and toasty in your own home then top it off with a generous helping of mulled wine and you’ll be sorry to see the summer arrive…..almost.

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